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Dec 29, 2011
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Quite simple I’d have thought. Terrestrial tv has no interest in golf. So at very best they would only show the majors.
20/30 years ago when there was less choice for tv people would watch all the sporting events they could get and it would work to build a sport.

Nowadays with so much being available, if we only saw 4 events a year then it wouldn’t work.
The Beeb were warned off golf by the powers that be... That situation has now changed with departures of Murdoch/Osborne But can't see the beeb being financially in a position to make a serious go of golf again... Fairly certain they have historically covered more than just the majors... Can't see any other terrestrial (freeview) provider seeing a future in golf...

Can see, though, other platforms showing an interest... Amazon already cover gentlemen's tennis and soon some PL.. Might come a time they'll wish to expand their portfolio... Or, Netflix might (if Amazon have success with their sports channels) seek to join the party...

But you still know it’s there IF you wanted to view it.
Like everything else it's only there whilst there are sufficient bums on seats willing to pay to watch...
Sep 19, 2021
Football really has a huge influence in the media. It's not just like that. Considering what budgets are spinning inside football, it is not surprising that this particular sport takes the first place in demand. Big money attracts big money. It is rare, but it happens when other sports come to the first positions, such as one of the top boxing fights 2021, which receive really great publicity in the media before , during and after the fight. I am sure that you saw the same thing during the last Olympics. She was clearly above football, basketball, boxing or mma. Money attracts money.
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