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Aug 30, 2021
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YT teaching vids probably do more harm than good overall, it’s fine to say if you want to stop doing X you need to change A or B or C or a combination of all, but the reality is one person’s swing is not the same as another, and the chances of a standard fix working for anyone’s swing is not that likely. I went down the YT teaching route but glad I’m now out of it

Yeah, I think people have to be really careful. Grip and set-up and usually reasonably safe tips, but once you get into the weeds of the swing it's impossible to know if a tip is right for you because it depends on so many other things, especially your grip and set-up. Sometimes you can drop5on lucky, others you might just make things worse.

I notice Crossfield recently did a podcast and video on shallowing the club where he rubbished the idea of feeling like the 'club was dropping behind you' saying he and others had it wrong because with Gears you can now measure everything...' unsure what this had to do with it as plenty of coaches apparently felt this was a poor drill all along. Amusingly his video of just 5 months ago where he recommended the drill is still on youtube.

I stopped looking at them years ago until about a month ago when I started watching Adam Porzak and spent a lot of time in front of a mirror working on his live lessons on set-up, grip, takeaway and backswing. He teaches a lot of top drawer state golfers so he clearly knows his beans, and it's been really beneficial for me.


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Aug 7, 2012
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Linked from bebettergolf, Milo Lines seems interesting from the few I have watched. In a similar vein of golf technique search rather than the 'This tip works!' merchants.

Anyone else think we have passed peak Rick Shiels, and his high watermark was the 2022 Open and being ejected from Koepka's VIP entourage ? Maybe there wasnt much there in the first place, and what was fizzled out.

Stacked golf have the same issue. Well worth a look, and the passion is engaging. But only so much mileage in wide eyed, wow!, insane!, grail !, sick!, Scotty Cameron!

Recent uptick in activity from Iona Stephen shows what scope she has. Pleasant and knows golf, but think there is limited mileage to be gotten from lite interviews, a smattering of golf, and the wounded out, coulda-been, pro element. Sky is really missing trick with her - she should be a fulltime main player of their commentary team.


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Jun 19, 2023
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Alex Evans Golf - (He's the caddy for Paul Waring now, and Paul is in most of his videos. Does good swing and shot playing tips)
TXG (Now Club Champion - (Fitting based and juicy intel on gear)
Ask Golf Nut - (Does great forgiveness testing)
Elite Performance Golf - (Fitting based)
Dan Whittaker Golf - (Training aids, and swing techniques)
Mr Short Game - (Generally a decent mixed Golf channel with good content)
Not a Scratch Golfer - (A low HC player from the states who does play by play rounds so more course management style)
Padraig Harrington - (Tour Pro (Duh!) who shares tips on his channel)
Cool Clubs - (Excellent robot testing of new equipment)


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Jun 17, 2013
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I don’t watch many of the golf life ones because of all the cockney banter and childish behaviour, just grates on me. But the ones where Bullard plays a pro or another scratch golfer are really good to watch.

As for Rick Shiels, I actually think his recent stuff has been really good. The collaborations he’s done with good good and Bob does sports have been great, and the break 75 series has been decent too, in my view.