Ryder Cup 2021


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Nov 24, 2018
As mentioned before on this forum, I struggle with watching the Ryder Cup. Although I live in the US I caught myself pulling for many of the European players this past weekend. Frankly, I didn't watch as much as I would for a major and Saturday was a big college (American) football day here. I guess the one stat that stood out was nine of the top ten players in the OWGR were on the US team. Also, like everyone else has noted the US putted much better than the Euros. It always seems to come down to that in both team and individual matches. My excitement for televised pro golf events really wanes after the Open Championship. I'll start getting excited again when the West Coast swing starts in January. The Players in March will be the appetizer and then the main course is a major every month until August. I hope all my friends across the pond have a mild Fall and Winter so you can get out and play.