Ryder Cup 2021

Apr 18, 2012
Whichever side of the Atlantic , there seems to be huge home advantage in the Ryder cup.

Is there anything that could be done regarding the course set up to even things out?

Was thinking the host team obviously still picks the venue, but maybe then the away captain is allowed some leeway to actually set the course up? They could choose pin positions, tee boxes, length of rough etc. Would that be crazy?
I was just going to say exactly this and have the overseas captain setting up course or picking it. Only thing would be that on the no laying up videos of past venues there was clearly great pride from the club and green staff to be part and "contributing" to a US win so perhaps that diminishes things for those behind the scenes. Is telling though that Medinah stands out so much and US haven't won here in 30 years.
Aug 12, 2021
I hadn’t considered the greenkeepers but to be brutally honest…their feelings are not the most important factor are they?

Another thing they could do away from the course itself..

Maybe the home captain announces their pairs and the order for the fixtures first, and the away captain gets to see exactly who the opponents are and can pick his response accordingly? Only an hour or so in advance would be enough for a bit of an advantage.


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Nov 24, 2018
As mentioned before on this forum, I struggle with watching the Ryder Cup. Although I live in the US I caught myself pulling for many of the European players this past weekend. Frankly, I didn't watch as much as I would for a major and Saturday was a big college (American) football day here. I guess the one stat that stood out was nine of the top ten players in the OWGR were on the US team. Also, like everyone else has noted the US putted much better than the Euros. It always seems to come down to that in both team and individual matches. My excitement for televised pro golf events really wanes after the Open Championship. I'll start getting excited again when the West Coast swing starts in January. The Players in March will be the appetizer and then the main course is a major every month until August. I hope all my friends across the pond have a mild Fall and Winter so you can get out and play.