Cooden meet 2022. Friday 24th June.

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Oct 17, 2008
Gods waiting room.....
Just as a postcript to this thread and to let everybody know what happened in the end....

Thanks to Fraggers intervention, Fish paid for his place.
The other non attendee (Grizzly) contacted me himself to apologise and pay for his place, the railman's strike put paid to his hopes of attending. He had, by the way, kept me posted all the way along how his efforts were going.
I have been in contact with Badger, and reimbursed him his £50.00 winnings. His kind gesture was much appreciated by myself.
I am playing with Richard twice next week and will pass on to him the odd £3.00's that everybody told me to put towards help for heroes, another gesture that was very much appreciated.
Thanks very much for the support lads, there is a new thread up for next years meet, and I will be taking payment in advance to avoid a repeat of this years happenings...