Carlsberg golf break


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Jan 21, 2013
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Finally back home in Kent after my little jaunt to Wales and back via Birmingham.....

Would say that my current top three, not that I've played many top venues, are:

Royal St George's

Having played the Brabazon twice now, I feel that the aura of the place had it higher in my esteem than the course should be in regards to the other 2. Still a lovely course, but imo not as interesting as the other two.

Played Roman Road Monday evening in lovely weather and have to say that I thought it was a lovely course. Certainly better than expected at a resort so highly geared towards the 2010. Managed 5 pars and a birdie which is more than enough for me. Although I did put one of the green and down a slope 20 yards away. The greens were extremely slick which was impressive considering the location and time of year. Food was top notch too!

Tuesday morning was the 2010 and from the phone call 2 days in advance to confirm attendance to the second we left the service was superb! Arriving 90 mins before our tee time we simply left our gear with the guys at the front and got a tour of the club house. My bro in law got to use Luke Donald's locker room (still awaiting his response on twitter in regards the empty packet of crisps in the locker).
Once we'd devoured our bacon roll we were taken down to the practice range. Got to say I loved it, the chipping and putting areas were great, but my favourite was the simplest of things, getting on the range and having a pyramid of balls set up like the pros do. Didn't hit em quite as well, but was a nice touch.

Starter was friendly and introduced us to the guys we'd been paired with. Similar handicaps to ourselves. After a quick hello a pleasant day followed. Got round in 89 which I was chuffed about as aside from one very unfortunate oob and a water ball (bound to happen) I played pretty well including winning a free round on either of the supporting courses due to hitting a par three green In a daily comp they run, as well as par on the 18th. The bag tag given after the round and the clean of of the clubs was just further evidence of the service they offer and all done with a smile. I have to say that as a venue and for its welcoming attitude is is head and shoulders above any course I've played at.

This morning we were at the belfry for a 1020 tee having stayed over the night before. Got on the course at 1010 and were done by 1350. Didn't see anyone till we caught a group at the 17th. Didn't manage to drive the 18th but did par the last having taken the tiger line off the tee. A great start of 3 over through seven was somewhat dismantled with a mid round mini collapse. The only day I didn't break 90 but was still happy with a 93.

Oh and for those keeping count. A grand total of 97 putts over the three days, albeit somewhat helped by the short game....

Off to catch up with some sleep now as after four days of golf (had to have a warm up round before hand) and beer, some r and r is needed!