Seniors scratch cup


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Mar 28, 2008
Armagh, Norn Iron
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My club had the privilege of holding a Senior Scratch Cup final yesterday -

I had a tee time of 11.30 and played a stroke comp. after 8 holes I had a NR but as it was the worst score I have had in a while so I was not totally p1ssed. After playing I was reflecting on my game and I just thought why not go and see how the scratch players played my bad holes.
I walked over and watched them (6 groups) play 4 holes.
Honestly I was gobsmacked at their ball striking - simply fantastic. One player played 150 yards from a bunker to 2ft from the pin. I watched a player get so much spin from 80yards out the ball moved back at least 2 yards!

One player hit a great drive, his opponent hit a poor iron into trees, opponent then punched out just beside player, player then hit approach to 15yards from pin. Opponent hit to 2 yards - this approach earned a half as he had simple putt.

On the flip side I seen 4 players miss one fairway all by about 20yards.
I witnessed many players taking Irons off one tee - bad course management as there is at least 150yards of safe landing zone- all Irons where played by the opponents.
I saw a fellow club member (1 handicap) stuff his tee shot 70 yards with a huge hook onto another tee box - he did not even call it, however, a committee member did and then mumbled about a safety net then bo11ocked the player for not calling it.
I can drive as far or further than most, ok I don’t have the same control but it makes me feel warm inside.

After watching these players I will no longer get annoyed at missing fairways on the tough holes - I will work a LOT on my short game, but most of the work will go on the approach Irons 20-130yards. This is where these folks really stood out - the Irons to the green where fantastic most of them inside simple one putt length.

If any of the members on here get a chance to watch something like this go over and watch - I can’t believe I drop my head and let things get to me that these players also do.