Mid-Handicap Matchplay

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Jun 18, 2020
Turned up for our first pairs match yesterday morning - arranged for 8.16am on the deadline for the game to be played.

Text from opponents to say they both overslept and cant make it for over an hour - fortunately comp sec was on the first in the roll up so a quick chat and he confirmed as we showed up to the arranged fixture it wasnt our fault.

Win claimed

On to the next round!
Jul 24, 2012
Yes, several times. I would say the sweet spot is 9 - 11 h'cap. A near perfect balance between consistency / ability / shots
Seems to be so. Back in April I won our Winter matchplay off CH of 11. I’m playing last 16 match of Summer matchplay on Wednesday with CH of 9. My mid-long iron play is ropey, but my short game is generally good enough to get me out of scrapes and get me halves or win holes, not losing too many. Giving 2 shots on Wed but feeling ok about that.

Out of interest just checked last 16 and highest CH is 17, 6 SF players, and 3 of us in 9-11 range 👍
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