Norrin Radd

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Aug 6, 2015
Sunny Sussex
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You are playing for the club championship and you and your playing partner are dead level standing on the 18 tee ,it's your honour and you cream one down the middle 250 yds ,your pp hits and it's gone into the woods on the right . You help him look for his ball and after about ten minutes he says go and play your shot and I will continue to look, if I can't find it I will go back and hit another from the tee.
Well you hit your second to 8ft and your pp shouts ,found it, a ball comes flying out of the woods and lands six inches from the cup for a gimee..
Now here's the dilemma ,do you take his ball out of your pocket and call him a cheat .


Please don’t ask to see my tatts 👍
Dec 12, 2013
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Nope you tell him
His three minutes are up. 😉😂👍
Seriously when I got into golf again I had a playing partner who would do exactly as you said. He always found his ball in the thickest of forests ( at Retford) and he always had a good lie. Another PP once followed him into the woods at Newark ( 18th hole) and followed his every move. Cheating player encouraged me pal to look
Elsewhere but PP said “no am sure it’s where we are looking”. After five mins PP called time