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    Online/remote handicap services

    Currently not a member of a club the main drawback of which is no HC cert. Anyone use an online service? which one? are they accepted at clubs requiring an HC? thoughts and observations? cheers BillyG
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    Skycaddie - sneaky beaky

    Just renewed my Skycaddie Birdy package to find that it will not expire exactly twleve months after I bought it but twleve months after the first day in the year I registered it originally.(e.g. it was originally set up in mid-May about five years ago and will therefore run out next mid-May...
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    Golf in North East Kent

    Used to play my golf at Hatfield Country club in Hertfordshire (which the missus and I loved) and for a combination of reasons have switched our golfing zone to North East Kent. We're looking at scoping out courses within roughly a twenty mile radius of Canterbury where say, Sittingbourne...
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    The Hook of Hamate

    Hello All, been away from this forum for a long time but found myself drawn back here at roughy the same speed as my interest in golf has come back. Long story - bereavement, injury, change of location, work pressure and then one day this spring the guys in the pub were talking about going out...
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    Wednesday Weigh-in 4-02-2009

    Haven't seen it posted today so thought I would take the initiative this week (apologies if it's been done and I just haven't seen it) So anyway... Opening weight- 16st 5lb (0.8) Week 5 weight - 16st 3lb This week - loss of (0.2) Total loss to date - 2lb (0.8) Pretty pathetic. Still in...
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    Merino wool jumpers - any good?

    Thinking about splashing out on a Merino wool jumper for golf. Seems to make a lot of sense as far as thermal and wicking properties are concerned. A jumper seems to offer more sympathy when you swing a club as well. Teamed up with a decent base layer it could be good. Any thoughts? bill
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    BDO or PDC?

    Nothing gets the sparks flying like a royal rumble over this debate. For me and despite the better field I like BDO because I don't have Sky, anything that Barveneld is involved in I'm not interested in (i'm still laughing from when Klassen whooped him for his fifth World title in front of The...
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    Winter golf - I'm starting to have doubts

    Bit of a king -sized whinge coming so look away now... Played 15 holes today and then called it a day. It's not the cold(well not directly) - that's nothing that a good set of thermals and a few gadgets can't resolve. It's not even the grey skies - better than having to play a blind uphill...
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    Handicap question

    Can anyone explain this one to me; Two players step onto the first tee and declare their handicaps to be 20. One of them has turned in 3 cards in non-competitive play off the yellows and the other has mainly played off the whites in competition and has turned all their cards in taking the odd...
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    Have I got The shanks?

    Been to the driving range a couple of times this weekend and from the off I knew something was wrong. Ball does one of two things: either a nasty fat slice that goes about thirty yards right or a painful scull which dribbles along the ground for about 40 yards. Either shot feels like im...
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    S Boston hand warmer - early report

    Bought myself one of these:- Instructions are a bit hit and miss as it seems to have been translated and therefore a bit patchy. There's not much to it though so not really a problem. There is a discrepancy between the instruction supplied and...
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    Anyone ever played golf on Fuerteventura?

    Friend of mine has just come back from there with his little family and loved it. Claims it's a lot quieter than a lot of the Canary islands and the moonscapes are pretty stunning. I think there's a couple of golf courses on there and just wondered if anyone had played them? cheers all, bill
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    BillyG - Golf and Life

    Hello Gmers, Been out of circulation for a while and thought I would just check in,catch up and wish you all the best. Ten weeks ago my mother was diagnosed with advanced stage inoperable cancer and as you can imagine things have not been quite the same since. Amongst other things Ive become a...
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    Is this the best toy ever? just ordered one as it sounds like a complete hoot. (Things you do with five minutes to spare at work eh?) Anyone got one? bill
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    Clarkson on golf......well a bit enjoy Bill