What does this win do for Rory?


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Nov 20, 2011
Port Louis
Not sure what it does for him. I’d be very surprised if he didn’t have total belief and conviction that he had the game to win on an ‘easy’ desert course, so he’ll have learnt little about his game
He’s successful enough to pick and choose when he plays and take as much time off as he wants and he may well take 2 months or more off at end of year so it doesn’t act as any springboard to build on

If he was 10yrs younger I wonder if he would’ve played Valderrama last weekend instead of Vegas and would that have been a better test of his game?
Jan 22, 2013
Rory has 1 fewer PGA tour win and 4 more majors than Mickelson at Rory's current age.
Rory is arguably a better player, so there is nothing to stop him going on a run.

If Rory can keep his putting somewhere near the top of the strokes gained statistics. He will be almost impossible to beat.
Also, it's worth remembering the European Tour wins (ignoring the World Golf & Major overlaps).....think Mickelson might have 1 (Scottish Open?)? The key takeaway from the comparison with Mickelson is it's probably unfair to dismiss McIlroy's ability to contend, but I'm not sure McIlroy (even with his exemption) will want to be playing Tour golf at 50.... unless he still needs to win the Masters to add to his 12 Major titles at that stage!