The mental block of being paired up with randoms


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Smile, be friendly, go with the flow of the others (unless they are sexist, racist, homophobic etc at which point keep quiet and make a mental note not to book with them again :oops: ).
You're missing out on playing with the most interesting people!!!


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Feb 3, 2021
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Any advice on this? Ive moved country and I don't know anyone around here - i've joined my local club and have played a few rounds on my own, but to play on a saturday you need to be paired up with odd numbered 3 balls.

Feel a bit nervous about this, im still not that great and really dont have the confidence to do this yet - but its the only way i'll be able to play at the weekend.

Any advice?
Try having a drink in the bar and chat to a few people, you can then drop into conversation that you are looking for a game or two, I would be surprised if you don't get a game sorted.


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Jan 6, 2019
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I know this can be tough, I’m pretty much an out and out introvert, I hate socialising and playing with new people.
At the weekend I played with 3 people I have never met before I was away in a golf weekend, 1st tee i teed off last, they were all older retired gentlemen who didn’t strike a long ball at all, 2 of them didn’t hit 200y on any shot all round, I play allegedly off a single figure handicap and was by some 30 years the youngest member of the 4ball.
On that first tee I was out driven by all 4 of them! None of them said anything untoward they were all polite and kept quiet, a triple on 1 and a bogey on 2, I was feeling the pressure but went on to par the next 6.
The guys turned out to be extremely enjoyable company and we had a great round, one of them even came up to me afterwards and said he felt for me on the first tee as it must have been nerve wracking not knowing any of them and said he was just pleased when I hit my second shot down the fairway. By the end they were all very complimentary about my game as I was about theirs.
It was tough but honestly fine, nothing will make it any the last nerve wracking, but it will work out if you be you, keep up with play and know when /when not to talk.