PGA Tour - Restarting in June


Head Pro
Feb 5, 2014
Canary Wharf
Once this tournament is over, unless you're going to move exactly the same people to the next one, there will need to be an isolation and testing period all over again.
If 1 person, from the hundreds that are going to be involved, breaks that isolation then you, potentially, have to isolate everyone for another 14 days and test again...

It's a massive undertaking and the absolute last thing the PGA needs is a player contracting C19 during a tournament, being admitted and dying.
You wouldn’t, you’d just retest.... wealthy Americans have access to tests unlike us.

It is a massive undertaking, but how long do you think the leagues will be happy loosing millions for? Until a vaccine maybe in 2022?

I follow a load of nfl players on social media. 99% are training as usual despite no formal training from the teams, as directed by the league.

Friends in Florida have a “lockdown” which just means they have to get home earlier and can drink spaced apart. The USA is completely different rightly or wrongly.