Hilliest courses North west and North wales


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Aug 14, 2021
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Known as cardiac hill by the members I played with there many years ago. A course to be avoided in bad weather - as I found out on that day!
On a nice day it's a fantastic course though, especially the 14 holes across the road. In summer it plays very links like and the greens can be slick.
The 18th is ridiculous though, I remember slicing it on to the first and watching it roll all the way back to the bottom of the hill 😭


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Aug 14, 2020
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I’m just about old enough to remember it being the 18th. Played it today and it gets harder every time.

Whenever we play it now we insist on buggies. But the last time we walked it we just left our bags in those trees that separate the 17th and 18th and took a wedge putter and driver with us.

Brutal Hill.

As mentioned the 4 Longridge holes on the clubhouse side are ridiculous as well.