Golf Random Irritations


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Mar 15, 2008
Aylesbury Bucks
A car, parked in the club car park yesterday lunchtime, was jacked up and the Catalytic Converter stripped off in the space of a couple of minutes..
Looks like the CCTV has picked up the scumbag's car so there's a chance the Rozzers can do something..
Broad daylight, busy golf club car park - although at that time everyone would have been out on the coursemor having lunch...
Massive PITA for whoever it was that got robbed but....I'm thinking that they're unlikely to try their luck twice at a smallish cat park...
Oct 29, 2013
Out for 9 holes after work, seen a couple of young lads putting on the 3rd hole as I’m finishing the first, had to wait on the 5th for them before I decided to cut across, they were so slow it was scary, both doing a million practice swings before their actual shot.

Also banged my shin with my wedge, bloody sore 🤬
Jul 24, 2012
Got stuck behind a 5 ball this lunchtime, no intention of letting us play through and spent time filling in the scorecard before clearing the green. They even ignored the 6 shot limit to try and speed up play🤬
I would recommend people give Adventure Golf in the Bull Ring a miss if you want to play a quick round 😎
What 6 shot limit?
Feb 27, 2010
Two weeks running we have let a smaller/faster following group play through, both times they were upset about being let through :rolleyes:

First was a single last weekend (who's only wait was about 2 mins a couple of holes previous) but when he reached us he could only complain that one of our group shouldn’t be walking (it was originally a buggy only course several years ago but not been that for some time) but he couldn’t be told his belief was far out of date and kept moaning before things got a tad heated between him and one of our group
Then yesterday we let a pair through as soon as they caught us while we were on a par 3, they’d zoomed up pretty rapidly on previous hole and could clearly hit a decent ball so after we tee'd off we went forward, marked our balls on the green, stood aside and called them to play up. Apparently that was somehow to blame for one of the lads topping it into the long grass & the other missing the green so both didn't finish the hole, we were again moaned at as we ‘should’ve’ just finished the hole & not called them up!

I know what you're all thinking, there's two sides to every story and all that... well there isn't, this is it, its all here, they were just crackers! :p
Aged about 24?


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Jun 20, 2010
Croydon, Surrey
RefuSe to play then. I had one last year, I just said "and that my problem how?. See you Saturday or I'll claim it."
Problem is as a new member into a club full of old guard, it wouldn’t go down well.

I’ve learned our deadlines are guidelines as the percentage of singles and doubles I’ve played have all been past the cut off,