Castle Stewart


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Dec 12, 2013
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So as I have mentioned, friday Just gone I played Castle Stewart. The History behind that was when I had me Holidays in Mauritius, when I got back from my round of golf with Slab I was bone dry. missis T was sat at the bar talking to two other couples. I had three beers before I could talk. It turns out one couple followed City. And I met them in Athens for the Super cup final. The other couple are from Glasgow and we got on like a house on fire. Suffice to say he played golf and he told me that had been given a round of golf at Castle Stewart for his birthday and he asked me if I fancied playing with him. I couldn’t say yes quick enough. Primarily because he was a good lad who I could enjoy 5 hours with. I didn’t know it was near the arctic circle or that it was £275.
long story short, he got me on for free.
So Friday arrived. When we turned up at the course the arrival made you feel very welcome. The practice facilities re free balls putting and chipping area were excellent. There was even £20 on the bar bill for food and drinks. I asked re buying a course planner and that was included in a little gift pack. Us two were slotted in between a load of four balls and the pace was fantastic. I had done a bit of Googling re the course and it was described as a modern day course design masterpiece. That undersells it. It is stunningly beautiful. It is on different levels. The club house sits in the middle of the course. Nine holes each side but the holes don’t just go out then back. On the front after three out it comes back a hole then out then back to the clubhouse. Just when you think you are used to going down clubs, you go up a club or three. It was fantastic. The course conditions were immaculate. The greens were gorgeous and very very quick. after 9 holes I had 16 points inc a birdie on a par 3.
On the back Nine I was struggling for 7 holes but in between the views were simply stunning. I couldn’t believe I had played two simply stunning courses in the space of a couple of months.
When we got to the 17th it was a 200 yd par three. For me it was basically a dog leg Right. The shot I saw was hit it straight with my three wood which was behaving and hopefully the fairway sloped down to the right. That would carry it to the green. I leathered my tee shot and it went exactly where I wanted it to. Unfortunately I lost sight of where it finished. My PP knobbed his tee shot 30 yd and put his second shot OOB.
I was looking all over for my ball and as I got 70 yds from the green I saw it. My ball was 6 ft from the pin. I was doin cartwheels. But not as many as I dropped in my birdie putt. I needed a bigger head for my smiling. I cannot ever remember two birdies in a round. The last hole is a par Five. The target for your drive is the Saltire. I nailed it, I smashed a three wood and had about 115 yds into the green. A nine iron put me 35 ft from the pin. I was buzzing. At this point the sun was low in the sky and the shadows were showing from the undulations. And flippin eck there is some. I knocked my putt to 12”. Both me and my PP finished with par. 7 points on the last two holes for another 16 points. I was buzzing.
I need to mention that I had not swung a club on a course in nearly a month because of my ribs ( I fell over in Athens). so I was ecstatic.
But I has to be said that Castle Stewart with its views, course conditions, The staff that make you feel very very welcome and special was stunning. It left me asking a few questions. The Course is rated as the 20 th best in the country. If that is the case the other 19 must be really really special. Now I have played the old course at St Andrews and if you get away from the History it is miles behind Castle Stewart.
Now the next bit is just my opinion but here goes. Castle Stewart is having massive investment building lodges etc to improve the facilities so people can stay and play. When that is built, ( and it has already started), it will be one of the premier golf courses in the UK where Joe Public can play.
Me I have nothing but admiration and for our forummers that play golf up and around Inverness because the views are simply simply gorgeous. Just gutted I didn't have enough time to play with them.
Yup it was free, wold I pay the going rate. In a heart beat. How do your put a price on one of the best golfing days of your life. And this year I have had two. Oddly enough my two fantastic days have been alongside guys from Scotland so from a Sassanach, Slàinte Mhath.
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