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    noise distractions

    Not in the slightest and this applies to most people I play with. There is one (isn't there always) who could hear you think in the background and will walk away till you adopt statue/death position. Many do not enjoy playing with him
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    Would you have told him?

    Like others if its casual I couldn't care less, however once there is something on it (amount is irrelavant) then the right score is important and I am one who will count for some players who 'too often' miscount. I suspect its an attempt to cheat. When it happens too often then I stop giving...
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    So many variables and possible causes. Whos is your internet with and what service/speed are you paying for? What modem are you using and where is it situated? Is your house standard 2 storeys, solid brick or cavity walls?
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    conforming tees query

    That's an interesting interpretation. Is there anywhere that defines or clarifies for certainty what can or cannnot be used. I'm thinking of those that I've seen kicking up the turf to create a higher piece of turf to tee of. Turf was not designed to tee up a ball higher either - just the act...
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    How good is your club chef?

    5/10 at best
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    From mid handicap to scratch.

    Set ur aims high few will achieve....thats not to say you cant
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    From mid handicap to scratch.

    As difficult as it is, some say near impossible, someone has to do it. If you are that determined, with the right attitude and approach, have enough money, time and patience then why not - someone has to
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    As stated earlier - I bought 7 of these and they cost less than £1 each (from china discount stores - can't remember the name) Magnetes not strong enough to secure to trolleys. Clips work fine
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    bought 7 for my group from china of ebay for 5 quid.....does the job great
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    How do you know it’s yours?

    works well for me....hit a problem once in 9 years. I will take those odds
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    Hybrid gapping

    As has been said the gap between my 2nd hybrid and 5 iron is only 3 degrees but there is more like 20/25 yards between them. Based on your information I would choose 22 over 19 all day long. Assuming equal strikes I would have 10 yards or less between a 16 and 19.
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    banned from driving

    sounds like she has a difficult life....hope she has some support....carry on
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    Taylor Made Irons

    Playing partners M2's are with TM at the moment - same issue - 6 iron face caved in. Would not touch the M range for free, not until their later models have stood the test of time. He was playing with an older set this week and was complaining about severe loss of distance. I am sick of...
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    Your thoughts on lessons from PGA pros

    I feel your concerns OP. Unless you know a good pro (from recommendations or reviews) it could be an expensive and time wasting experience - it could take several goes to get the right one. Everyone on here is very (mostly) positive about lessons but this is based on the prtemises of a good pro...
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    What would you do? Another slow play thread

    What I would say to him, I couldn't print here. Sounds such a uuuummmmm I'm pretty sure I would slow down a little