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May 20, 2017
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I am right handed player and the only place I will ask a player to move from is when they are standing to my right so they 'can see where the ball goes' and I have several mates that will also ask a person to move if they stand in that position.

999 times out 1000 I can see where my ball goes!!

As I have said on another / same thread I have a mate that will ask you to move if you are anywhere.


Please don’t ask to see my tatts 👍
Dec 12, 2013
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Played with a guy on Tuesday and Thursday this week in our fuddle with balls pulled out of a hat.
On Tuesday a PP said he has just had a word with the Guy as they had found his ball in the long grass and he proceeded to walk around it to stamp down the grass. Said PP said “ that’s deffo a no no”. He looked a bit sheepish. I told the guy who told me that he was lucky he had mentioned it as a few in our fuddle would have given him a mouth full. PP was bogged off because this guy has been playing 30 odd years and knows not to do it.
Roll onto Thursday and I knobbed one on a par three. I had a 40 yd chip into the green being the furthest from the pin. Just as my club is about to hit the ball he screams at the top of his voice one or two uncouth words. I half looked up and nobbed the ball sideways. I wondered what the hell was going off. He had played his shot and knocked it through the green. I spoke to another Pp a Couple of holes later and he had noticed it. He couldn’t understand why he had played out of turn without saying owt. The guy was 15 yds in front of me and 20 yds to the right. He went onto say a few of the guys in the fuddle have been a bit bogged off with his etiquette. That I didn’t know. He is a new guy to our place. But sometimes his course manners need A bit of work.

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My drives go 370 yards.......uphill......into the wind.

There, I've said it 😎