Thank You BT


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Feb 27, 2010
Warning long post and may contain fibs told to me. Well I dunno!

So a knock at the door yesterday afternoon and I opened it to a beautiful, and I mean stunning, young girl asking if I noticed any wifi drop outs lately as they, BT were doing some up grades to the cable in the area. Nope!. Did you know BT provide the fibre cabling. Er. noooooo? Well I think she said this. Who you with? Virgin. What's your contract? 18 months but probably about 12 now, we've got Tv but don't need it as we stream. Ah I can sort that you and charge you £31.99. oooooooooooo. sounds great. And I'm not supposed to tell you, but We, BT, will refund your contract payment upto £300. Also, BT speed is in mb, so 50 gives you 400 mbs in Virgin speak. Just give me you name and postcode...which she put into her mobile phone, then rang what looked like EE on her phone, gave the person some long number codes and said they will ring in about 10 mins.
Ok......So I shut the door and rang Virgin and once connected, after about 20 mins, with BT girl tapping on door outside, I renegotiated my Virgin contract and much batting back and forth over prices with a lady on the other end, who was new to it all and had to keep refering to her boss. It took about 30 minutes. To conclude. Our package was £43. We've got the same package TV (basic that we don't watch as we use Amazon Firestick), Volt 250mb broadband, and a unused landline for.......£32. I've had to take an O2 sim at £6 a month and swap my Virgin one for it (which was currently £7.50).
So, win win win.

Chuffed to bits. I'm off to buy Netfix now.


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Dec 12, 2013
Don’t you get Netflix on the Firestick ??