Remembering to check your ball thoroughly


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Oct 8, 2012
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I once lent my spare ball to a PP after he sent his first OOB.
After walking down the fairway I saw a ball with my marking and absent-mindedly played it.
It was, of course, the one I'd lent to the PP.


Jul 24, 2009
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I thought this was a different check your ball type thread.
When I played yesterday I hit my tee shot off the thirteenth and the ball flight was weird to say the least, the sort of ball flight which often screams "cracked ball". I had look before playing my second, but it looked fine, so I hit my second and came up short, me or the ball? Chipped putted out, and checked again before hitting my next tee shot and sure enough there was the crack. The shot that sent that ball into the nearby pond was a beauty.
Watching a ball split in two seconds after it leaves the clubface is a joy to behold. As long as it is someone else's ball.


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Jun 17, 2013
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How well do the stamps stay on the ball, does it wash/wear off during the round?

I’d say it’s always visible on there, although not as clear as when it’s first hit. I don’t use the ink pad now, I actually use a sharpie to kind of draw over the stamp and then stamp it on the ball, if that makes sense.


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Jan 12, 2015
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My stamps are hit and miss...

They last if ive prepped in advance and theyre very dry - especially in summer.

If its wet on the ground or the ink is fresh - doesnt last long at all.

Only £3 on ebay for a BD with a small villa esque lion too

I love the ball stamps but pay a bit extra at £6.99 from I've found the quality to be much better than the cheaper ones and my current one has lasted well over two years and still going strong. That said as a Bluenose I'd never have the Villa Lion :)