Qualifiers under covid rules

Old Skier

Tour Winner
May 10, 2013
Instow - play in North Devon
Both pl

Both players mark their own score card and also mark their markers score in the markers column.
Cards to be placed in box just inside the locker room entrance. The cards wont be check/touched or verified for at least 72 hours after the comp is finished .(y)
Now we are looking at the mobile app we are looking at refining the system.

Marker scores players card

All players agree scores

Players enter there scores using the app
Marker emails copy of players card for verification

Cards verified

None app users email card with scores, cross check and enter scores - handicap committee can do it from home.
Mar 3, 2008
sarf Lunnon
We had one who did the same on Tuesday for his first attempt at PSI. He had 49 points and seven 2s.
Conversely, reminds of our club pro who was playing in a pro event at Turnberry. He didn't spot that his marker had put his back nine score of 36 against the 18th hole. - so ended up signing for a score of 105. (Dropped him from a money place to second last).