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Jul 31, 2015
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My recently acquired putter came with an unusually shaped grip....a Trapezoid shape with a large flat area to the front.

After a bit of research I discovered that what I had was a Garsen Quad Tour Non Tapered grip as featured at the bottom of this page...

To be honest....with all the sharp angles and being quite firm. its not the most comfortable of grips when indulging in a good spell of putting practice, but, my stroke does seem to be fairly stable and consistent and I'm managing to hit a 330ml beer bottle at 6ft remarkably consistently down my hallway carpet (its a great practice regime....every time you hit the bottle you take a swig of beer....put down a new full bottle when the last one is empty and repeat...eventually your putting performance will decline :LOL:).

I'd personally never hear of Garsen but started having a look at their other grips....their philosophy seems to be based around designing a grip that results in the palms being opposite to each other, forcing the elbows to tuck in a bit and reducing the possibility of wrist breakdown.

There are a couple of Garsen grips that are of potential interest but...before I dive in....i was wondering if anyone here uses/have used a Garsen grip on their putter and what your thoughts were?


Apr 10, 2018
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I don't have the Garsen grip but I do hold my SuperStroke gripped putter in the same fashion and feel like it benefits me. Far less chance of things moving that shouldn't. I believe that it has improved my putting - and confidence is a wonderful thing :)


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Aug 6, 2007
Bracknell - Berkshire
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Not heard of them but if it is helping your putting then I'd put up with a degree of it feeling uncomfortable for a while Like anything different, I am sure after a short time it'll start to feel "normal"

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I've used the Garsen G-pro Max for 3 or 4 years
(the one Stenson used for years and won the Open with).
I wouldn't use any other grip now, a traditional shape just doesn't feel comfortable and never liked the feel of the larger Superstroke grips.


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Jun 30, 2009
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I always think that if a new grip like this doesn't feel weird and awkward for a while, it probably isn't doing much good, as the awkwardness is you having to change all the bad habits that were missing putts for you.