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Sep 3, 2007
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Have been playing away a fair bit lately, and been lucky enough to play some lovely courses (JCB, Bearwood Lakes, Woking, even Cooden despite the wind). Have a few more planned through to end of October and it's gotten me thinking. Most of these courses are very different to Leighton Buzzard, and whilst I enjoy Leighton, it's not my ideal golf course. My favourite is links, but given that I don't live near the sea, I'm a bit stymied on that front. I'm also partial to a a heather lined course. There aren't any other clubs in the area that I would consider joining, other than Woburn, but the cost there rules it straight out. So I have been thinking about the possibility of a country membership somewhere else.

Anyone got any good course ideas, I guess somewhere within a 2 hour drive of Milton Keynes (50 - 100 miles)? I'd hopefully be looking to play once a month.


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May 20, 2017
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It is worth checking out what clubs actually offer country membership and the terms.

I cannot find our current terms but maybe we no longer offer it

It used to - you must have been a full member and now reside more than 100 miles from the club.

It was never offered on an adhoc basis to all comers.

What our club now offers is lifestyle membership pay a fee and get so many tickets to play.

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Place I’ve never played but from what I’ve heard some people would say is an “inland” links. Sandy Lodge? Had a quick look on google maps between the club and Milton Keynes station it’s 42 miles and their country membership requires 50 miles… If you’re just on the cusp, perhaps that can be negotiated with the club?

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Mar 14, 2021
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You will most likely have to be 50 miles away to get country membership.
Charnwood Forest is just over the 50 mile mark from MK and only a short way from junction 22 on M1. So fairly easy to get to.
Country membership is £375 according to their website.
Many of the appealing features you mention, more gorse and bracken than heather, but the general look is that type of course.
£20 after 4pm weekdays green fee if you want to try it out. I'd be happy to join you.