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Jan 7, 2012
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Still only works out at 17 quid an hour for a 4 hour round.

Worth doing it just for the experience imo.

I’ve only had a caddie three times. Once in the UK (though for the life of my I can’t remember what course!), once in Jakarta and once In India (Mumbai)

The Indonesian caddy was as you would expect. A young rather attractive lassie, who I have zero doubts had a secondary, more “ horizontal”occupation after the 19th hole ?

My wee Indian caddy was paid a paltry fee by the club, so I did the right thing a lad threw him a huge tip which would probably be a weeks wage for the normal inhabits of Mumbai. It only equated to about 30 quid in 2006 so I’m not claiming to be a high roller. I think I threw him 20 duty free regal kingsize fags too, as we had a great time smoking all mine during the round.

I felt a huge sense of civic pride until I realised he had stolen all my pro v1’s from my bag ????

Little git ???

Fair play to him though

Hahaha got to love the cheek of him


Head Pro
Oct 24, 2012
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The only time I’ve had a caddie was at RSG, a strange experience to start with, but I certainly could have gotten used to it! He was a top guy, gave us the lines off the tee and read putts etc. He carried my bag, I gave him a £30 tip and my PP gave him £20, we felt he added to the experience and was worth the money.

It took 3 holes before I stopped saying thanks every time he did something, I think I stopped just before he told me to stop!