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    New Grip time, all or some?

    I'd say get them all done, nothing better than fresh grips I am forever changing mine.
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    Best Player to Only Win One Major

    Has to be DJ he has won tournaments each and every year for 10 years + including multiple WGC's. DJ held world number 1 for over a year no comparison for me.
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    Odyssey Stroke Lab - Change of Grip

    I am tempted to take the grip off and weight it surely Superstroke have a similar weighted grip or use the counter balance weight ? Nothing anywhere on the internet :cry:
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    Odyssey Stroke Lab - Change of Grip

    Looking for some advice and I understand the grips on the Odyssey stroke lab putters are counter balanced with the multi material shaft. I have the number 10 (spider like model) but hat the thick grip has another change this and if so did it affect the balance and weight or head? if not what...
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    Callaway Triple Track Putter

    Great concept but looks ugly
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    Reccomendations for Golf trip June 2020 for stag doo

    Belfry if not been before or get over to Vilamoura golfers paradise
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    TaylorMade day at Woburn

    Good luck should be a great day very jealous as I wasn’t selected.
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    Forum exclusive... sneak peek and competition

    Augusta National My doubles partner in crime Tiger Woods Nick Faldo
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    If you stopped playing golf today, what would your next hobby be?

    Id go back to being a bank tramp chasing big carp!
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    Invest in Your Game - With St. James's Place Wealth Management

    Its a good day attended an event back in march 2017 and found it interesting.
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    I bought today.....

    TS2 to hopefully solve my driving woes
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    Are Memberships really value for money

    I have just rejoined my old golf club as they are running a promotion (18 months for price of 12 and gym included free of charge for 18 months). It works out to be £45 per month for the 18 month period! Will I go to the gym probably not o_O
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    Drawn competitions ?

    I joined a club last year where you choose your own 4 ball and as a new member I find this system terrible. I have also had an occassion where I put my name down in a 4 ball turned up on the sunday morning to find my other playing partners already on the course jumping in with other groups. I...
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    Wanted 2017 M2 3 wood

    In excellent condition with stock stuff shaft. Cash waiting
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    Evnroll Putters

    I am after some user feedback on these putters high end price point and haven't seen anyone game one on the course. Has another chosen an Evnroll Putter over a Scotty and if so why?. Thanks Ryan