Would Appreciate Feedback on Golf Buggy Reservation Process


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May 20, 2017
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At our place you can only use a buggy if you have a medical certificate

Members are allowed to bring their own little ride alongs

But anyone who wants to book via the pro shop calls them and then brings their cert when they pick it up
We used to have this rule years ago when players used their own buggies (and we had to provide proof of insurance cover as well).
When we bought a fleet of buggies the rule was removed as it was realised it would reduce the amount of buggy hire and potential income to the club.

We had the Rule of no buggies in a comp without med cert until about 2-3 years ago and then that was removed as well.

As a long term buggy user (over 30 years) I was always being criticised for being at an advantage in comps.