WHS scores disappeared


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Feb 12, 2019
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So this goes back a two months or so but wanted to ask the question to see my options (if any)

I spoke to my club regarding WHS, and handicap cards. They said to submit all scores on the IG golf app, then hand in the physical card with markers signature. So that’s exactly what I did for 3 weeks.

I had 15 scores at this stage (including ones from about 6 months prior), everything was fine.

Then one day poof, 10 of my scores all deleted (all the highest hcap scores), spoke to the club who never responded, went in and complained, then they said sorry for that and blamed a system error, but only added one one score back on as they could only find that card.

It’s not like my worst scores where massive, my hcap is 4, (I think the highest score I had was +10) As I am waiting to join a new club, I haven’t been able to add in any new scores (may join iGolf to solve this)

Is there any possibility to get those scores back or is it just tough luck? As soon as the scores disappeared I emailed them, multiple times no response, and only when I went into the pro shop did they actually acknowledge it.