Which courses to play?


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Jun 29, 2017
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As part of renewing my golf membership I get 5 free rounds of golf at some nice tracks, I currently have project meetings in Newport, South Wales so literally drive past the Belfry and Celtic Manor every Tuesday both of which are courses I can play for free so that knocks 2 off the list.

There is a restriction however that you can only play at each facility once for free so I get one round at the Belfry and one round at a Celtic Manor course, any suggestions on which to play? I don't mind paying extra to play PGA or Brab as its highly discounted. I'll probably hang off a couple of months or so until spring before I play some of the courses so I enjoy the courses a little more.

Derby is the only free course however I can also play PGA National or Brabazon for half price.

Celtic Manor:
Montgomerie or Roman Road?

I have three more tickets to use so which of the following would be best to visit, i'm all over the country with stop overs so can make most options work for me.

- Herons Reach
- Aviemore Highland Resort (2 courses)
- Cardona Hotel and Country Club
- Hill Valley (2 courses)
- Linden Hall
- Portal Hotel
- Breadsall Priory
- Forest of Arden
- Hanbury Manor
- Lingfield Park
- St Pierre
- Tudor Park
- Worsley Park
- Aldwark Manor
- Belton Woods
- Dunstan Hall
- Forest Pines
- Mottram Hall
- Oulton Hall
- Slaley Hall
- Telford
- Shrigley Hall
- Cameron House (Carrick or wee demon)
- Rockliffe Hall

Just my personal opinion but:

Derby course is not worth playing (even for free) except for absolute beginners.

Wouldn't play the other 2 in wet heavy conditions / winter either (though obviously in great condition in the season). Would play the Brab in spring.

FoA - definitely worth playing the Arden course but wouldn't (haven't!) go out of my way to play the Aylesbury (very much the 2nd course).

Mottram and Portal, played and liked both but can't remember too many holes.

Telford - again avoid in heavy conditions as I'm told it gets very wet and muddy in winter (next to river) but supposed to be nice in summer.

Hope that helps a little.