Things you look forward to.


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Dec 12, 2013
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The Christmas Market around the Cathedral is lovely…though haven’t been down this year, as is the Cathedral itself. We really enjoy just wandering around old Winchester and walking along the River Itchen footpath. And sometimes it’s just lovely to be somewhere different and nice…and just sit and do very little or nothing at all.
Got to say SILH. We have loved Winchester. Done 3 military museums, and the Xmas market is in a fantastic setting. Salisbury tomorrow.

Lord Tyrion

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Sep 9, 2014
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Lots of things but next up that is a bit different is panto day. We've been going for years, before kids, with kids, with kids who are now adults 😄. We are booked into a Thai beforehand, lunchtime menu, panto at the Theatre Royal, Newcastle, walk around Newcastle after seeing the Christmas lights, displays, then home for a snack tea (all the nibbles that you get that cook for 10 mins in the oven 😋) Just a great, happy, day.
And a great day was had by all 😀.

Parked no problem, Thai was great, panto top fun, Newcastle all festive and happy, nibbles in the oven now. It's just a day that delivers 😍