The Ridge GC


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Dec 17, 2013
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My friend is a member here and invited me to a game last Saturday.

Price - for a members guest the price was an astonishing £35, now I have played as a member at other courses such as Littlestone, Princes and Crowborough Beacon all for either similar prices or less!
Clubhouse- Nice, the new owners have invested in the clubhouse and it looks modern and welcoming.
Practice Facilities - There is a driving range and the balls were in relative good condition, mats were newish, and there was a putting green to practice £3 for 25 balls.
Pro Shop - Lots of brands on offer and looked tidy
The course - Dreadful. I think I've played on pitch and putt courses in better nick than this one. The tee boxes were pocked by big divots, the grass hadn't been mowed there for a while, and an unacceptable uneven feeling to the tee boxes. The fairway had patches of bareness to them it was like hitting off a dirt pathway, or wooly and thick like the second cut. Bunkers should have all been GUR, as the hem of the bunkers hadn't been cut, there was weeds growing in them, the sand was like horrid and clumped, the plastic lining was showing through and stones littered them.
The greens however ran well but the rest of the course just didn't justify the price tag.

My friend defended the course, stating that since Covid they have struggled. Unfortunately I play on other courses quite frequently and this is not a theme I'm seeing. The club has invested in a mini golf venture that's not been built yet. However, they've obviously neglected on the actual course.

For those familiar with the area of Maidstone/Ashford this is like playing Great Chart. With courses such as Bearsted, Tudor Park, Kings Hill, Ashford, The Weald of Kent, Chart Hills, etc nearby why bother with this shocker!
With it being £35 for guests I shudder at the cost of a full round!

I feel that whoever owns this is trying to have an image of a good course but knows nothing about what makes a good course.


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Mar 15, 2019
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I have to say the Ridge has been in decline for many years now, dating back way before covid. They seem to have spent more on the fitness side of things at the club rather than maintaining the course, and you are correct there are plenty of other courses in the area which are much better value than the ridge.


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Nov 3, 2014
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I can see the 1th green from my caravan and often walk my dog across the course and must admit its got worse over the last 12 months.

the range is ok but for some reason they decided to dig up the chipping green and replace it with crazy golf.