So, what gives you the most satisfaction?

Voyager EMH

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Mar 14, 2021
Chip in.
Turns a possible bogey into a birdie and destroys the soul of match-play opponents who thought they had 2 putts for a win.
That reminds me of Trevino's chip-in on 17th in the 1972 Open that "destroyed" Jacklin as he then 3-putted to go from one shot ahead to one behind with only one to play.
It was by that stage very similar to matchplay.

EDIT: I'm getting old. My memory of 50 years ago not 100% accurate. They were tied going down 17, Trevino made a mess of the hole and was over the back in 4 shots. Jacklin was 40 yards short in two, pitch was a bit short. Trevino chips in for 5 and Jacklin 3-putts for 6. Jacklin bogeys the last and Trevino has an easy two-putt for The Jug.

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Jul 24, 2012
A three putt par 4 from 80yds over undulating closemown ground with bunkers around, trying it for first time after explaining to new golfers in the academy many times over the last few months that it’s an option (two putts would just be greedy but that wasn’t what I was intent on demonstrating). Just the sort of shot common in links golf but less so on heathland courses, but that is still an option.
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Sep 22, 2009
Hitting a shot with my 3 driving iron 220, off the deck, like I managed on the 18th at Cooden Beach last week to be on the par 5 in 2. Also did the same on the 15th par 5.


Nov 16, 2011
Can't repeat the feat as the course has gone under; was the 10th at Whitekirk GC which has since gone under.
The first club I joined/got my 1st handicap (12). Certainly kept me fit Can't specifically remember the 10th. Was the drive down the hill over a load of junk? The 1st was certainly a tough start. Discovered Craigielaw was offering membership and jumped at that chance.
Whitekirk wasn't a bad course, but rather out of character with others in the area. Owner/developer also owned the farm across the road, so wanted to diversify/use the land better. Restaurant was ok too.


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Aug 12, 2016
For me, it's any shot where I have envisioned what I am going to do and execute it perfectly. For example, our 1st hole is a par 5 which doglegs left and which I regularly make a mess of. Yesterday, I hit 3 wood with a small fade pretty much where I wanted it to go which opened the hole up, a lay up 8 iron which stopped about 10 yards short of the pond & on the right side of the fairway to give me a good angle in, a 90 yd sand wedge to 12 feet (instead of hooking it left/over the back of the green) and sank the putt instead of mis-reading it/leaving it short.
All 4 shots gave me the fizz. However, if we are looking at 1 shot, it's a mid-iron iron approach into the green from 100-150yds with a nice pure strike which lands softly on the green within 20ft of the pin (I regularly muck these up, which is why these are my favourite)