Mixed tee matchplay

Colin L

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May 26, 2012
This is where I have my doubts, does it apply for a mixed tee and subsequently differing SI and par. After all the Junior Boy only needs to play to his handicap to par 4 the hole yet the Junior Girl needs to play one better than her handicap to take 4 strokes and birdie the hole. Each plays their own course to their own SI and Par..
As said at least three times above, forget the par of an individual hole. It's irrelevant. Once the mixed tee allowance has been factored in it's as if the two players are playing from the same tees. If one is receiving strokes, they normally get them according to the SI of the course they are playing (and gender if the men's and women's SIs differ).
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Dec 24, 2018
Ok , I’m now convinced. The Junior Boy won that hole. Area Handicap Advisor’s response.

For any mixed tee event you use an 'own ball/own par/SI' situation. For example, 4BBB or singles m/p, the player uses their own SI for giving/receiving strokes. If you share a ball (foursomes), you use the forward par/SI.
In this situation, as you describe, there are no strokes to be given. So whoever gets the best score for the hole will win.
As strokes have been allocated at the beginning of the round to take the difficulty of each course into account, there is no other adjustment required.
Consider: if you were playing another man, both off yellow tees, it is simply the best net score which will win. If you had a 5/4 and Fred had a 4/4, it is a simple half. Nothing to do with Fred having a par, and you having a bogey.