In to Out swing path


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Jun 22, 2007
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I have been playing for nearly a year now and things seem to be going ok. The one area I really suck at is trying to get an in to out swing path. All my divots show a right to left path.

I am changing clubs in september and will book some lessons, but anything else in the mean time greatly appreciated.


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Jan 16, 2007
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Foreleft – I had a lesson a few months back and the Pro was working on the exact same thing with me, i.e trying to get more of an ‘in to out’ swingpath. This is the drill he gave me and so far it’s working really well.

Take yourself to the driving range and pick out 2 targets fairly close together, one directly in front of you and one (assuming your right handed) about 30-40 yards to the right of it. Line yourself up directly at the target in front of you. Now, hit the ball as normal but when you do so feel as if you are trying to hit it towards the right hand target. As long as you whip your wrists through correctly at impact you’ll hit the ball directly at your intended target with a hint of draw but on a much better ‘in to out’ swingpath. If you don’t quite get the hands through properly you’ll end up blocking it right, like I did ;)

Give this a bash as it definitely worked for me.

You will need to persevere though as it takes some getting used to.

All the best.