Golf Random Irritations

Sep 9, 2019
Yet another 4BB Open today played at 100% allowance. Winning score (as we left) 53 points, 9 and 24 handicaps, followed by 3 pairs of 50 points. I queried the Professional why they were not complying with the mandatory allowances, ( he was registering and filling out the cards ) - he said the Seniors ran one competition in June at 100% and therefore felt that they should keep to it.

Can anyone make any sense of this answer? Low handicap players - and I am not a low handicap - are put at a disadvantage by the club breaking the rules. The club is Wetherby. I will be contacting the Yorkshire Golf Union (again). This is the third instance that I am aware of this year of Opens not following the mandatory allowances.
Your going to squeal on your own committee? Have fun at the Christmas party, then

srixon 1

Journeyman Pro
Oct 5, 2011
Practicing chipping/pitching from 30 yards and getting the ball to check and stop next to the hole on the third bounce. Guaranteed that when I go out to the course for a game in a couple of hours I’ll be 10 foot short/long of the hole when I try the same technique 😢