Shooter McPowick

Head Pro
Apr 2, 2016
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The Par 3 6th at Broadstone. Tough to choose a favourite but with the green appearing to sit on a ledge with towering pines and a huge valley behind it, it was tough to beat. A great testing par 3 that comfortably sits among my favourite golf holes.C89ECA8B-060B-4D70-95C3-AF10C81D90A1.jpegF5A1A986-8102-42F5-9253-A1E190A2A0C7.jpeg

Also, the incredible par 4 13th. From the tee it’s fairly benign, just a fairway laid out in front of you, some gorse and the 12th green on the left and an ideally located fairway bunker down the right - that of course I found. After about 150 yards it all opens up to this, the view across 14 is spectacular, you feel like you’re on top of the world. This is another of Broadstones holes that on a summer evening I could photograph for hours! The green is incredibly tricky, I’m actually glad I found the fairway bunker, wedged out to 100 yards and hit a great approach. Only the perfect shot would hold the green from ~180 yards out. More visually and architecturally brilliant bunkering and another hole that comfortably sits among my favourites. Pretty sure it may even be the 13th on my dream 18 👌🏻