West Sussex

Shooter McPowick

Head Pro
Apr 2, 2016
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Comfortably the best course I have played!

The first hole is a fairly gentle par five, flat as a pancake yet the bunking and subtle mounding frames it perfectly. The second hole doesn’t have a single bunker yet the undulating fairway and approach is still brilliant. Stand on the third and you can see an infinity green in the distance bunkers speckling the fairway it is such a good sight. You walk over to the fourth tee and glance behind you. How can this course get any better, yet the holes just get stronger and stronger as you settle in.

The approach to the fourth is spectacular. As you arrive at the green you can spot the par 3 5th which is just breathtaking and once again you’re asking yourself how on earth does this get better and better? The sixth hole is an absolute beast 220 yards over a heather filled valley and a pond, into a breeze on the day. I crushed a 2 iron and didn’t quite get there! The seventh, a blind tee shot over a hill with a bunker that without exaggeration I think you could fit four or five cars in - absolutely spectacular view. You get the picture I was pretty blown away by this place.

The fairways and the bunkers were faultless, they were absolutely pristine. The greens had some maintenance a couple of weeks prior so they weren’t quite right but still very good. The cherry on top was that the sun actually came out to make it the most perfect day 😍

1st from 220
4th approach
Par 3 5th
Par 3 6th
A2BBD70B-A153-42DE-B06C-1636AA6CF649.jpeg7th teeD372DC36-C0F3-4B9A-A4E2-A54F41409111.jpeg
14th approach
17th fairway