Rye Old

Shooter McPowick

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Apr 2, 2016
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Rye. Historic. Harry Colts first layout.

My playing partner and good friend summed it up very well and I couldn’t agree more. “There’s a large sand dune running through the middle of the course, the holes that interact with it are world class”. Unfortunately, the dune isn’t large enough to encompass the entire 18 holes but, in some respects, this is a good thing as it introduces variety.

Do not expect a flat stance anywhere on the course, even the fairway undulations are quite extreme in places. Do not get out of place as I found out early on pulling my tee shot on the 4th into what can only be described as a cavernous grassy bunker. Wedge out sideways (if you can) and carry on with the hopes of a bogey. The bunkering is fair but avoid at all costs, there’s what seems like hundreds and I wouldn’t be surprised if they average 6-8 feet deep.

Conditioning for February was amazingly good, the greens must have been 11 on the stimp at least. Bearing in mind England is going through an extremely wet winter and there was what can only be described as a deluge the day before, the course was dry. Not a smudge of dirt on my trousers after the round.

My only criticisms are holes, 10 to 12. They feel a little out of place as they play away from the clubhouse and Dune. Perhaps a chance to take a breath and put some pars on the scorecard before the epic 13th! 10-12 are still very engaging and make you think, but the holes around the dune are so good it just makes these appear a little weaker.

Anyway, I’ll let some photos tell the rest. Checkout the approach to 13, after hitting a decent drive… yes, 170 yards straight over the top of the large dune! 👌🏻


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Jun 9, 2009
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Its a great course only played it with Hickorys in the British Hickory Champs on a boiling day wearing a jacket and Tie. id like to give it a go with steels, but i doubt i will get the chance now.