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    What's your club's scoring method?

    Score on a scorecard during the round then input scores on IG on the app or computer. If using the app you can drop your card in the box or take a picture of it on the app, if you use the computer then you have to put your card in the box. Still have 5-10 DQs each comp due to scores being input...
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    New Irons - maybe too hard to hit

    I’m using the JPX 921 forged having come from some older Callaway Razr X forged irons. Went into my fitting really wanting the 921 tours and on my good shots they were neck and neck with the 921f but on the slightly off centre hits I was losing 10-15 yards. Tried to talk the fitter into the...
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    What's the stupidest "Rule" or request for relief you've encountered?

    Played with a guy the other day that thinned a shot into the green that hit a stake roping off an area to trolleys. The balled then bounced back into the green side bunker. He was adamant he was allowed to replay the shot due to outside interference but decided to play 2 balls as he wasn’t sure...
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    Golf app for apple watch

    I use V1 and the easiest way around it is to set your watch to silent mode which is what I use during a round anyway. Just gives a little buzz on your wrist to say it’s registered a shot.
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    Improving putting

    Its on my list of things I would like to learn this year. Where did you learn it and was it worth the price (I'm guessing it is worth it!)
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    Improving putting

    This x1000. I signed up for Decade when it was on sale for Black Friday and this is explained as the most important thing to get right with putting. Don't try to hole putts, just make sure you get the pace right in order to avoid 3 putts. The drill I use is to find a flat bit of putting green...
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    Spraying a golf shaft

    I've seen people use heat shrink before. Not as nice a finish as a proper paint job but IMO looks better than vinyl as you don't have the seam.
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    New Rules for Professionals?

    Maybe I'm the odd one out but one of the reasons I enjoy watching pro golf is seeing what the pros can do with the same equipment as me. Yes sometimes it can be good to see them struggle but I also have nothing against them going low. Just shows what great athletes they are IMO.
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    South and East Yorkshire golf

    Renishaw is my closest course but I don't play there. As Dronfield says, front 9 is good with some undulation but the back 9 is bland and flat and on a flood plain so seems to be closed for a lot of the winter.
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    Just had my irons lie angles bent… sorry had to share

    When you get on a proper launch monitor also have a look at your descent angles. 35* with a 7 iron isn't going to hold many greens, hence seeing 26 yards of roll. 45* is what you should be around. Also I wouldn't be surprised if these numbers are a little wrong from Top Tracer. I was at a...
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    Flag chuckers.... maybe you have a bad back

    Going a bit off the original topic but I feel like I see a lot more damage to the edges of holes now that the flag can be left in. Even saw a guy the other day trying to get his ball out of the hole using his putter while the flag was still in. :rolleyes:
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    Slow play Hurts Your Scoring

    My course tried a few things to encourage quicker play this year. The first thing they tried was clocks at 5th, 10th and 15th tees that were offset by how long it should take you to that point so when you got to them they should read your original tee time or earlier. The problem was some...
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    Time to ditch the 3 wood?

    When I went for a fitting last year, my pro steered me away from a 5 wood for this exact reason. Ended up with a 3/4 wood and a hybrid as I was never going to hit the hybrid as far as the 3 wood but could hit the 5 wood as far on occasion.