Why are most blinded by distance?


Jan 7, 2021
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From my perspective I’m not convinced there have been much in the way of distance gains in the last 10 / 15 years unless you were playing with the wrong driver setup.

I used to play with a Ping G5 driver but fancied a change. Went for a fitting telling the fitter that I was hoping to gain 20 yards, his comment to me was that I couldn’t, tried 4 or 5 drivers and settled on the Ping K15 for accuracy , fast forward a few years and the shaft snapped in it so I bought a Cobra FLy Z off a fellow forumer, no change in distance.
This year I went for a driver fitting to Paul Laurie golf centre, the fitter couldn’t better my Cobra that I bought untried and suggested that unless I really just wanted a new driver then I’d be better just keeping mine.

If there is distance to be bought then I’m all ears, but in my experience there isn’t.
The vast majority of golfers would find more yards by improving technique and maximizing thier launch, certainly with the driver.
If you really want to improve your overall distance then it's sadly a fair bit of non golf work.


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Sep 12, 2011
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It might help if you get one set up correctly for you!
Not if you have an inconsistent swing.

The most important aspect is creating a good consistent impact with the ball, a fitting with a poor swing can only limit the damage, not remove it. You obviously don't want club's that are really unsuited to you but most people can play well with a standard set of clubs.
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Jul 24, 2012
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I used to drive the ball a good distance, but the consistency was nowhere and so many times I was reloading or chipping out or taking an unplayable.
I decided to get fitted at Precision Golf, and while it cost me a good bit, I now have I driver I can trust even with an average to mediocre swing on it. I've lost 10 yards, maybe 15, but I'm now playing from the fairway or first cut so much more than ever before. I'm probably hitting it about 230 - 240 now, but for more consistent.
I got the Ping G425 SFT, which has a 23gram weight in the heel to help me square the face on return, with the Aldila NV Green, 65gram stiff shaft. Does it work all the time? No. Does it guarantee me par every hole? No. Do I fear pulling it out of the bag on most par 4s and all par 5s? NO!
It was all about consistency and finding the short stuff for me, so losing a few yards didn’t bother me.
The Sim 2 Max which is allegedly a bombers dream saw me hit three balls and then hand it straight back, as I was carving it miles right.
So, I'm the opposite of chasing distance!
Your thoughts on your move to the Ping G425 SFT are almost exactly my own experience and feelings having moved from my snapped unfitted Ping G10 to a fitted Ping G425 MAX.?