Vintage Watch Repairs

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May 1, 2009
Anyone have any recommendations for vintage watch repair / servicing?

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Dec 12, 2013
I was given three watches off me mum that were me grandads. 2 X hunters and a half hunter. One hunter is silver I had that serviced. It went back wards and forwards for a month between the shop and the watch service Guy. It just would not settle down after being serviced to fast or too slow. The guy in the shop said the watch mechanism is gorgeous. Er ok, how can you tell. By the sound of the tick. Right, ok al take your word on that coz am half dead.
Anyway I had a gold one or so I thought, it was gold plated he said it would cost to much to repair.
I had a gold plated half hunter ( woman's), or so I thought. I turned out to be 18ct gold. It's a beauty.
Point is the guy in the shop said that proper watchmakers is a dying art, literally. The old watchmakers are popping there clogs and there's no young uns coming through to fill there shoes. If you do find a good un don't lose his number.