Tour striker Planemate

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Feb 7, 2015
Tour striker plane mate has caught my eye recently just wondered if anybody has one? If so how have you found it?



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Mar 21, 2012
I had one for a bit at the start of the year. Shifted it on as just couldn’t get the feels on the full swing, and didn’t really have the time to grind away with the process behind it.

The shorter pitching band was really good though, and in the brief time I had it, could put some lovely pitch swing in
May 15, 2013
I'd be interested thanks
here, you go, this is from last year!ApWB4jFXdVqflbManw_-lfdJK7-FwQ?e=ryThG7

shopping list.

1 nylon weight training belt, like this one

1 5mm steel rod

1 brass hinge with a 5mm pin

6 m6 20mm nuts and bolts.

bungee tubing like this : ebay is good for single piecesä...ords=fit+tube&qid=1569865118&s=gateway&sr=8-1


take the holding pin out of the hinge, split the pin into two pieces.

now thread he steel rod though both of the hinges, you may need to hit the hinges with a hammer to drive them onto the rod.

with both hinges on, bring one hinge to the end of the rod, this will be the front hinge, so the rod needs to be on the bottom and sticking out to the left, so the flat pad of the hinge can fasten to the belt, and you can curve the rod around your body.

fasten the belt tight around your waist, with the velcro on your left (for a righty), position the hinge where the buckle on a belt would be

You now need to bend the steel rod in two ways, first it needs to bend out away from the belt, so it doesnt touch, then you need to bend it around your body towards the middle of your back somewhere. It's easy to do as the steel rod will bend with a little force, just do it one inch increments.

When you are happy with the bend, you need to mark on the rod where the back hinge will goto, then cut the steel rod to the correct length.

Now just position the front hinge and mark the holes on the belt - while you are wearing it.Then take the belt off and punch through the material with a nail and secure the hinge with the nuts, dont put the bolts on yet. The nuts should just push though the material

once the front is on, just position the back hinge and repeat the process.

you should now have the belt!

for the club attachment there are lots of ways to do this, I used strong wire to start with and then I made a little clamp from a bit of metal I had in my toolbox. a bke light clamp would work well too

all in all very easy