Scottish Fitba'

Jun 10, 2021
Oh dear, someone having 'a bit of a day' --and it's still SO early ( I DO So Hope YOUR HORMONES GET BACK INTO SOME SEMBLANCE OF BALANCE):love:
Poor thing!!
'assualts?? you mean 'assaults'?.. Anyway, who be this 'McCoist and Johnston' whose names you take in vain--surely not-assault??-never, inconceivable, how very, very dare you:mad:
Too busy to be 'orsed' to educate you on your points 1/2 and3, but on 1&2 you need to check your history ( where's the icon thingy for blowing kisses?)
Could all depend on your/my interpretation I suppose?--I mean, there's your way and THEN THE CORRECT WAY:whistle:
When you down this way?.. How's about we get a game?...AND, but only if you behave, I'll take you to a game at that bastion of bigotry and victimisation that is the home of 'Get Stuffed F.C. ( wear your Dons scarf-you'll be DEAD safe:ROFLMAO:)
Anyway, have a nice night--hope the hormonal thing rights itself( blows kisses again)
1&2, nope mate, you need to. Games were shuffled in the earlier rounds for you. You were allowed into the league, not relegated, you were liquidated and gone, that's the facts of the matter.

Point 3 literally has examples here, it happens all the time with the cheeks

Point 4, at least you didn't question that.