Scottish Fitba'


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Jul 2, 2008
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On the S.F.A. sub-text;agree with all that this mob are an absolute total self-centred disgrace/dreadful decision against I.C.T. ...stone wall penalty and sending off for the Rangers lad.
Plus where's the backing for Stevie Clarke(who they appointed to national team coach-promising all the help needed to get to the Euros2020-we are one of the host cities-FFS)when he wanted the league programme held over so that he could have rested players for the make-or -break tie against Israel next month???Closet masturbators all of them but especially Petrie and Maxwell-not one set of cojones between them--tosspots!!!!
I'm just about to switch over to History 2 channel as I'm going absolutely tonto watching the total dross being played at Ibrox by the home side,
Down 1-0 at home(could easily be more/in fact should be--OH FFS JUST LOST ANOTHER/what a total load of crap.So Flipping?? angry this is a Flippin??? nightmare......but we've all seen it coming!
Shower of overpaid,overrated tossers.Morelos needs a good slapping.
Very Unhappy Jimbo.