Royal Cinque Ports - Monday 22nd Feb 2016

Blue in Munich

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Jan 12, 2013
Worcester Park
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19Euros!! We're idiots in this country, we really are!:(

Good view from the back of the car park ??

No bloody view at all!! Turned up about 3.15 for a 5pm kick off. Thought it was a bit quiet, when the gates hadn't opened by 4.15 we started asking questions. Turns out that they were playing Unais de Madiera and apparently there are no long range weather forecasts in Madiera so they didn't know it was going to be windy and that they couldn't fly over. Rescheduled for 5 minutes before our flight home so queued for an hour for a refund. Just cost me considerably more than €19 for dinner I can tell you! :angry: