Powakaddy FW5 battery replacement


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Dec 27, 2021
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Hey all,

Hoping that someone can help me to understand what should be relatively simple, but has me totally confused!

I have a powakaddy FW5 electric trolley with a lead acid battery. I'm looking to change the battery as it only goes around 15 holes now. I've searched and found a couple of videos that show i can take out the LA battery from the plug and play casing and replace it (with another LA battery).... however, i've also read that i can replace with a lithium battery. However, I don't know whether i can simply buy a lithium battery, put in inside the plug and play case and wire it up and all is good - or whether i need to ditch the external plug and play case and buy an adapter.

I thought this would be simple to research but after several hours i'm still none the wiser. Lithium batteries are compatible - but don't know whether i can simply rig these up inside the PnP casing on the FW5.... anyone been through this either way??

thanks kindly



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Sep 4, 2009
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Don't know about the connections but suspect that you might need a new charger for the lithium battery.