Mine kept popping out - have you had this problem?


Tour Winner
Jan 24, 2014
South Shields
Last week I bought a new battery for my Motocaddy S7 trolley. On using it for the first round the plug kept vibrating out of the socket in the trolley multiple times on each hole. Sometimes it would only go a couple of yards before jumping up just enough to break the connection.

When I got the trolley home I examined the socket and found literally two blades

Anyone else have this experience? of grass in the slot into which the plug fitted. I couldn't believe this could be the problem but I gave the slot a good clean & vacuumed it in the upside down position.

Took it out this morning & it worked perfectly. It's incredible that something so small should have that effect but there's no doubt that's what the problem was.

Anyone else have this experience?