Has WHS contributed to Slow Play

Has WHS Contributed to Slow Play

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Feb 21, 2013
Is that because it says should, or is there something else you are aware of?

The front of a teeing area, as defined in the Rules of Golf, should not be placed more than 10 yards (10 metres) in front of, or behind, the relevant permanent distance marker on each hole. Overall, the golf course should not be shortened (or lengthened) by more than 100 yards (100 metres) from its measured length, to ensure accurate application of the Course Rating and Slope Rating in the calculation of players’ Score Differentials.
I posted in another thread words from EG to the effect that the distance should not be significant.
I presume you mean this;

Modification of Courses

(i) Temporary Changes

The Handicap Committee must notify the Authorized Association when temporary changes are being made to the golf coursethat may affect the Course Rating. The Authorized Association will determine whether scores made under such conditions are acceptable for handicap purposes, and whether the Course Rating and Slope Rating should be modified temporarily.

Where a temporary Course Rating and Slope Rating has been issued, this information must be made available to players prior to the commencement of their round.

If so, we still have to go to the Authorised Association to get it approved; is this a one-off, or every time we change it? It would have been good if this had been automatically incorporated.
How often do you see a club changing the length significantly for different reasons. If eg the tees are moved in very poor ground conditions and restored in dryer conditions 'as and when', I can't see the county requiring multiple applications. But my view has no official confirmation