A 'turning point' being reached in Golf Instruction ........

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Jan 27, 2014
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posted this piece in brakets/quotes in a thread a while back

{"3d systems no doubt are now the next big 'breakthrough tech' in moving forwards to be able to quantify better what's happening in golf swing motions after launch monitor data

so now coaches have available the ability to combine 3d motion data, 3d ground force data, launch monitors and video
and the 3d stuff already shown some things that happen in a good swing motion model that in some respects is 'new' information

plus super slow motion availability from 'phantom' cameras

plus the highly sophisticated 3d system in japan at the shaft makers fujikura - 'enso'

with trackman now kinda adding more '3d' capability with trackman 4 the first 'dual radar technology' system - rumor has it they are also developing capability to add a unit to identify strike on the front of the clubface - so wouldn't be surprised to see 3d capabilities added to this along the ways

already out here in the market are more professional systems from 'gears', 'swinguru', 'myswing', 'jacobs3d' plus the '3d motion platform of 'catalyst' & probably a bunch more"}

thought I'd bring it back up for discussion (for any folks that may be interested that is) as this article was published today in GolfWRX on 3D analysis and the GEARS system in particular


have no doubt this all will rattle a few feathers/beliefs among not only forumers but also in the PGA teaching/coaching fraternity

3d has already begun to in it's bringing to the fore the term "relative plane/s" a term that's already caused some confusion in a thread in the experts section little while back

a book that's also just been published this august written with reference to the many findings out of a new 3d analysis software (bunch of the stuff around - 'relative plane' - 'hubpath' - 'highend tour players producing negative gamma torque' prior to impact .... and a whole bunch more)

these 3D analysis software findings has already begun to stir up some of the more 'established' PGA teaching industry

this 'ground breaking' software originates from software written the the mid to late 1990's, this a 'swing and club' technical optimizing program written for the USGA

one of the first video's to begin to address some of these very early findings on how the club is moving what the Tour folks were doing in a swing motion for this to happen to the club from transition to impact was uploaded to youtube some 5 years ago
again my guess would be most folks would have pretty much discounted this video straightways (wrongly though would be my take)

interested to hear from those who are interested in how the development and direction of golf teaching is moving

get that for many folks all this stuff won't be their 'bag' at all



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May 15, 2014
Interesting! Been waiting for something like this to come along as motion capture is a pretty integral part of my industry (video games) and I've been thinking how that could translate and apply in golf, robotics and VR. I'd love to "step-into" the body of a pro and get a feel for the mechanics of their swing as I think it could be very different to how it's often described in words.

I think it would help address the "feel vs real" conundrum for a lot of people.