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    Tea/Coffee at work

    The morale has been very low since tea/coffee was axed. It's an extra cost on people having to bring their own. I don't mind the cost it's just the inconvenience of having to remember to bring stuff in all the time. We occasionally get external people visiting and we've now got nothing to offer...
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    Tea/Coffee at work

    Colleague bought in some nescafe alta rica. Tried it without milk. Not too bad. Haven't settled on a go to drink yet. Noticed someone else in the office has bought in a French press machine. Seems a bit over the top!
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    Tea/Coffee at work

    Our superior leaders have announced that they will no longer be providing tea bags, coffee and milk for us. We have a hot water tap and fridges. Curious what people do for tea/coffee at work? Any recommendations for decent coffee to take black as I doubt i'll remember to bring in milk everyday...
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    Downswing initiation

    I never thought of it like this before. Thank you so much for the visualization! :)
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    Downswing initiation

    Does anyone have a good swing thought for how to initiate the downswing? I keep getting stuck at the top and feel like I’m throwing my hands over the top resulting in pulls left. I feel like my hands should be coming down closer to my body but I’m not clear how to make space for them –...
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    New Car

    Just wanted to add that a hidden cost of PCP/HP/leasing is that the contract will often say that you need to have a genuine approved or main dealer service at specific intervals. I know mine did when I was on a PCP deal a couple of years ago. When you own your own car you can take it wherever...
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    Funny things your PP’s have said....

    "There's no pictures on the scorecard," "Did you see where my ball went...[2 minutes later]...can you check the hole?"
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    Favourite golf vlogger?

    People's thoughts on Golf Vlogs UK? I find Liam, the Dick, OMP very funny. They have fun on the course. Appreciate that the standard isn't up there with the other pro youtubers.
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    No Laying Up - Tourist Sauce

    I'm going to check out these guys later when i'm at home. My personal opinion on golf youtubers (don't expect anyone to agree with me) is that Golf Vlogs UK is the best. It has some good tips on it but is also very funny. They're mid handicappers and they play some good stuff but also the...
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    The Apprentice 2019

    Starts tonight. Anyone planning on watching it? Just looking at the bios on the BBC website...Ryan-Mark Parsons, a 19 year old luxury womenswear consultant says 'I am the epitome of luxury' Oh dear.
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    Year end review

    I'm playing more than ever before and hitting it better than ever before - far fewer thins, duffs, shanks, lost balls. I even had a lesson! My scores haven't really improved though sadly. Still very inconsistent. Just when one part of my game improves another part goes to pieces. Oh well, I...
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Playing behind a two ball with the buggy. Their shots kept splitting the fairway. Rather than parking in the middle and each walking over to their respective balls, they would drive to one ball and then drive to the other side of the fairway for the other player's ball. The pace of play got even...
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    Club v pay and play

    There are a couple of other considerations I would add in to the discussion What time do you want to play? You can generally only pay & play at off peak times. A lot of clubs near me don’t allow this at peak times - early in the mornings on weekends for example. What about practice...
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    The left hand/arm in the golf swing

    So I've been really focusing on keeping my left arm straight in the golf swing. No bending. I've also been trying to think more about swinging in to out - just doing a practice swing with a closed stance really helps. I've never hit the ball so well. I feel the left arm breaking was causing me...
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    Can anyone recommend a good android golf app and phone holder for a golf trolley?

    The basic free version of Hole19 is fine for my purposes. Shows yardages, you can track total shots, putts, GIR, fairway hit or missed. Agree it drains battery so I only put it on to get a distance and then close the phone. Nicely shows distances to the front, middle and back of the green. The...