Year end review

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Feb 12, 2019
With the end of the season coming up thought it might be nice to have a thread where everybody can sum up how their year has gone. Was it a positive? Was it negative?

For me the year can only go down as a positive. Picked up a club for the first time in 10 years in February. Got my handicap, managed to get my Hcap down to 12 since then.

Driver - Was very hit and miss for most of the season, had it nailed for around a month or so, but after some huge changes to my swing I made myself (See below) my driving has became awful. May need to have a lesson on this since I have no idea how to separate my swing changes from my driver and irons.

5 wood - Pretty much the same as my driver sadly. Work to be done!

3 hybrid - Mr consistent all season, has been my goto off the tee for most of the season, bar a brief spell of joy with the 5 wood and driver.

Irons - Well this has been the biggest change for me. I haven't really played bad with them, but something just never felt right. Got myself on a launch monitor, and instantly saw I was hitting up on my irons, I had been thinning them all season, or they where going high but nowhere. After seeing the data, this last month I have made huge changes. I am now hitting down with pretty much every club and I am practising a lot on grass which is giving me great feedback (This is probably what has ruined my driver to be fair as I'm now around 3 down with my driver.) but the change in my ball striking has been remarkable. Have gained probably around 10 yards per club since the change.

Wedges - Same as the irons, loving the new changes.

Putting - Was pretty awful ill be honest, made a change half way through from a bladed putter to a center shafted mallet, and since then no complaints.

I have 3 goals for next year:

1. Fix my driving!
2. Get to single digits
3. Try to play more courses. I am wanting to experience more than what I have so far and hopefully it will help me connect a bit more with my father if we can maybe do some weekend trips around the country.

I would love to hear all your thoughts on your season so far.


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Mar 15, 2008
Aylesbury Bucks
My competition season finished in June due to holidays and incompetence at the club.
Began on 8.1, finished 8.3
Found some form, lost it, found it again and lost it once more.
Pretty standard year really.


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Mar 18, 2010
The good thing about the end of the year is the next year is just around the corner and you can forget about the old year and have something to be positive about. My golf seasons must be exactly the same as sawtooth feels each August

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Sep 9, 2014
Mixed response.

I have played a number of new courses, enjoyed all bar 1 and the howling gale may have messed with my judgement on that one so I will not name and shame.

I have changed a few items in my bag and am happy with all right now, things can change of course :D.

I have enjoyed myself massively and that is fundamentally why I play.

Downside, my target for the year was to drop 2, maybe even 3 shots. Instead I have gone up 1, on the verge of a second :cry:. I started off with good consistency, was hitting it sweetly but lost my way half way through the year. That has been the only real disappointment but it is still a disappointment.

Overall then I would give the year a 7.5/10


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Nov 1, 2016
No such thing as end of season for me. But if I take my 2019 goals as posted here - my primary aim was to get down to 18, and I've surpassed that and got to 16, so that's a tick. Secondary goal was not to make a total balls up of the Club Champs, and I came 3rd in my division there, so that was decent as well. I also said I wanted to enter more comps, and I'm certain I've done that. As well as playing more often generally, practising on Thurs/Friday which I didn't do much in previous years, those things are what have got me down to 16. In summary, very happy with my year. (So far.)

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Still got 1 county event and several medals to go, at least a month early for this thread.


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Apr 28, 2008
It’s been a crap year!
Been ill since last autumn. Not played much, and save for a 73 in the first round of club champs, not played too well.
3 new courses played- Ganton, Northamptonshire County and Scarborough South Shore, enjoyed them all.
Cut to 3.8 from 4.0.


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Jun 26, 2015
Well my golf season has come grinding to a halt with a shoulder injury.
Put a lot of work into improving my golf this year and although I only got a very small cut in handciap felt I was playing better. Just hope that the shoulder injury is short term in nature not long term. Off for a scan tomorrow.

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It’s been a crap year!
Been ill since last autumn. Not played much, and save for a 73 in the first round of club champs, not played too well.
3 new courses played- Ganton, Northamptonshire County and Scarborough South Shore, enjoyed them all.
Cut to 3.8 from 4.0.
Do you fancy the Porthcawl winter open again in February?


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Oct 7, 2015
Been all over the place on the course this year, really need to change my swing but hands wont take it, so looks like I am living with the wonky swing, getting good at shouting fore left/right!

Plus points my short game improved this year. Done 3 qualifiers and managed 2 buffers and a .6 cut to 8.9. Hacked on many days and enjoyed all of them.

Played lots of new courses with some more lined up before the year end, I enjoy playing new courses and played loads of golf with the family. Even saw my daughter back for one round on the course. Entered a number of club guest invitations and hope next year to make all of them, as it is one of my goals to do.

A great golfing year and many more please.


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Aug 6, 2007
Bracknell - Berkshire
Plenty of golf left yet and down from 15-13 and feeling like I've hit the ball much better and more consistently. Got some serious work to do in the limited time left after work following my short game lesson on Saturday but hoping there is still a chance to get to my goal for this year which is 12


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Oct 5, 2018
As already been mentioned - lots more golf to be played, but so far:

Playing new courses: Check
Have been fortunate to play some cracking courses, mainly due to the hard work from Glyn, Cam, richart and the others behind the scenes. Carnoustie was a real experience, and we were really lucky with the weather. However, Sunningdale was the highlight. Obviously helped that I played some of the best golf of my life, but the courses were simply stunning.

Get down to single figures: Check (so far...)
I’m one poor round away (9.4) from leaving the single figure club, so we’ll see when we wrap up the year.

If I can learn how to putt and be a bit more consistent with my driver I believe I can shave off another 2-3 shots on my handicap.

Not a goal I set out before the year started, but I’ve won one medal, came second in the net comp in the club championship and reached the semi final in the club championship, winning 2 matches of scratch against an 8-handicapper and a 5-handicapper before it came to an end when I lost against the guy who went on to win the whole thing (for the fourth time).

All in all - a great year so far.


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Nov 14, 2010
Acquired lots more old clubs so got to a good year. :D

Started the year with a heart attack which stopped play for a while, when I did come back my frozen shoulder was really bad and has definitely had an effect on my swing this season. But on the plus side I'm still on the right side of the grass and the ticker seems to be okay so again, it's got to be a good year.

Handicap not so good, played 14 qualifiers and only once I didn't get 0.1 back, and that was a Reductions Only!
One more qualifier to go so all hopes resting on that.

Played some great courses including several for the first time so good again.

But I know all everybody is really interested in are the new clubs.
First, here's an updated picture of the newly fitted cupboard, two spaces left, one for the Slazenger Ambassadors and one for a set of 1950s Slazengers that I won recently and haven't seen yet.


Favourite new clubs this year have been:
  • Ben Sayers "Moon Shot" putter
  • George Nicoll "Akuarsy Wizard" irons
  • Mizuno "White Fang" woods
  • Swilken irons
  • Penfold "International" woods and irons
  • Dunlop "Roberto de Vicenzo" woods and irons
  • Slazenger "Peter Alliss" irons
  • Spalding "W Model" hickory putter
So yes, a pretty good year all considered. (y)